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Nikki Masturbates on the Phone

Phone Masturbation with Dirty Talkers Nikki

Phone Masturbation

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Nikki is a part time phone sex girl and a full-time stripper. You know what that means, don’t you? Total freak! She loves grinding, stripping, dancing, and masturbating. She also loves phone sex apparently. If you roll up all these nasty traits into a tight, warm, and sleek body… you’ve got a very dirty girl named Nikki. Her stories are interesting… her voice is clear and smooth… and her attitude is nothing short of nasty. Nikki has no taboos or morals… or values. She will discuss and even DO literally anything from what I can tell. Perhaps a really perverse guy will come along and cross some limit she has someday. I just haven’t seen that happen with her yet. I have my doubts that it will happen.

Nikki makes talking on the phone a lot of fun, but she makes dirty talk seem like it’ her second nature. The girl is foul mouthed and dirty. Do you know the type of girl who hangs out in clubs/bars that drinks way too much, gets way too loud, and starts taking off her clothes? You know the type I mean, somewhat trashy but even still… very hot. That’s our little Nikki. She’s a party girl, a tramp, a slut, and sure to please every pervert she talks to. But you really should try her yourself and get into some trashy phone sex!

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