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Southern Charm and Submissive Personality

September 30, 2014

Phone Sex Girls

Southern Accent Phone Sex with Gloria Gloria is yet another mature older woman who works for us. She is also filled with southern charm and hospitality. Gloria is originally from Tennessee and she has the sexy southern accent to prove it. There is something a little different about an old-fashioned southern babe, and especially one […]

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Nikki Masturbates on the Phone

Phone Masturbation with Dirty Talkers Nikki Nikki is a part time phone sex girl and a full-time stripper. You know what that means, don’t you? Total freak! She loves grinding, stripping, dancing, and masturbating. She also loves phone sex apparently. If you roll up all these nasty traits into a tight, warm, and sleek body… […]

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Girl in Office has Phone Sex

Serena Has Phone Sex at Work   Serena used to be one of our office girls. She answered calls, took credit card info and transferred callers to girls at home. She is a cutie and has a sweet voice which many callers noticed. Serena had really never been a phone sex operator and she was […]

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Her Secret Sex Life

The Secret Sex Life of Dirty Darla Darla is a young minded and attractive soccer mom in her early 30’s. Every morning she cooks her family a big healthy breakfast before she sends them on their way. Once she has the house all to herself… she works as a phone sex girl with us.No one […]

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