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Tattoo Loving Sex Freak Seeks Shy Guy

Kinky Phone Sex Girl Taylorkinky phone sex girl


Say hello to Taylor, she is new but ready to rock your cock and make your balls tight. Friendly and perky Taylor is a wild child that just cannot settle down. She has played the mature adult role at 23 with the job and apartment of her own. But being the rocker chick that she is… it only bored her.

Taylor is the groupie type unafraid to fuck whomever to get to her goal… which is always to fuck someone else. She’s used to having many daily sex partners. She has lived in a lifestyle where she doesn’t always remember their names. Maybe she doesn’t always ask it either. But I would never say she is “used goods”.

Taylor is actually a really cool chick. There is no doubt you’ll like her for all her gang bang stories… but you will like her still as a person. Taylor will give in to your whims, and her own without inhibition. She has a very personable nature that I found really nice. But damn… the stories she has to share are a bit too much for even your dear author.

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