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Single Mom Loves Phone Sex

MILF Phone Sex with Elizabeth   Elizabeth is a MILF in every guy’s opinion. She’s a single mom and works a normal day job. At night is when her “cougar” comes out to play. And on the weekends when her EX has the kids, she is like an insatiable sex maniac. Yay for those kinds […]

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Sweet Phone Sex with Wicked Wendy

Wendy is the girl next door. Seriously. Sometimes phone sex operators seem intimidating because they are often so kinky that it can scare off the guy who just wants to be naughty with a sweet girl. Yep, that is what every calls Wendy… sweet. It’s hard not to because she is charming, comfortable, and even […]

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Teen Dominatrix Abuses Men of All Ages

Teen Dominatrix Phone Sex Meet Lady Samantha. but only meet her on a day that you want to feel used, abused, and humiliated. This little 19-year-old teen dominatrix will steal your heart… and every cent in your wallet. Samantha has a pretty high IQ, and like most intelligent young women – she tried to “find” […]

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Melissa The Cheating Wife

September 18, 2007

Phone Sex Girls

  Melissa is a hottie, but she has an even better story on how she got here. Melissa was a very popular girl in high school and college, her father was very important in their community. She was a good girl back then, but she came over to the kinky side later in life Mel […]

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Honey has a Sweet Spot

Honey has a British Phone Sex Accent Honey is in her mid-twenties and is originally from the London area. She has a delicious British accent that is sure to make your dick curl. I don’t know why it is, but accents are sexy as hell! Honey resides in Florida now and loves the weather compared […]

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