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Submissive Jenna Needs A Dom

Submissive Phone Sex with Jenna Jenna loves submissive phone sex. This is a girl who needs a strong and domineering man to treat her like the slut that she is. Jenna has been into the BDSM scene in her real life for a long time and she is truly into it in a big way. One […]

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Bitchy Humiliatrix Treats Men like Shit

November 15, 2016

Phone Sex Girls

 Humiliatrix Phone Sex Christine is not a strawberry girl. Sure she is young at just 21 years old and seemingly sweet on the surface. But deep down within her lies a bitchy beast. See, Christine is highly intelligent… I am talking about a 145 IQ easily. It’s made her much smarter than the average man, […]

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Teen Dominatrix Abuses Men of All Ages

Teen Dominatrix Phone Sex Meet Lady Samantha. but only meet her on a day that you want to feel used, abused, and humiliated. This little 19-year-old teen dominatrix will steal your heart… and every cent in your wallet. Samantha has a pretty high IQ, and like most intelligent young women – she tried to “find” […]

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Girl in Office has Phone Sex

Serena Has Phone Sex at Work   Serena used to be one of our office girls. She answered calls, took credit card info and transferred callers to girls at home. She is a cutie and has a sweet voice which many callers noticed. Serena had really never been a phone sex operator and she was […]

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Humiliating Princess with a Cute Giggle

This is cute and sweet Pixie, she chose that as her phone sex name because she is a petite and tiny thing. But don’t forget firecrackers are small too and they have a lot of BANG in them. The same is true for naughty little Pixie. She has tons of banging in her yet because […]

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