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Men in Panties Wanted

Men in Panties Wanted by Trisha

Men in Panties Wanted by Trisha

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Trisha wants more men in panties for her kinky collection. Yes, there is no doubt that Tisha is really hot. There is also no doubt that Tisha is a prick tease. She can create a stirring in any man’s pants very easily with a little giggle and wiggle. Tisha is also a little panty slut that adores the men brave enough to wear her panties for her. She likes them to do little “shows” and “performances” for her eyes only. She loves the guy with the balls to dance in women’s lingerie.I am not sure how far her teases and taunts go, perhaps she denial the pleasure of release too.

Trisha has a lovely little giggle and a sweet demeanor with a perfect pouty little voice. Just turning 19 means Tisha should be “young and innocent” but she isn’t. She’s an experienced teenage tramp with a penchant for teasing men. She can make you feel foolish but really gooey. Go ahead and dress up for her soon, surely teasing Tisha will make you melt all over your delicate panties.

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